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Institute of Horticulture Technology established in 2009, is a comprehensive, multidisciplinary, research-focused, and student-centric Institute widely known for its contribution to horticultural sectors in India and abroad located at Knowledge Park, Greater Noida. Since the Institute has a mandate to work on Horticultural crops, so our focus from 2011-12 was production of vegetables especially leafy vegetables in soil less medium. The focus was to grow vegetables in soil less medium to ward off the soil borne diseases, thus reduction in the pesticide use. The intention was to come up with a technology which is suitable in our conditions to provide the safe food security that is so desperately needed. During this period hydroponic crop production was in nascent stage in India.

However, in the Institute, we provide hydroponic crop production trainings since last 7 years under the expert leadership of our reputed Chairman Padma Shri Awardee Dr. K.L. Chadha but last year we realized the importance of hydroponic technology in ensuring the future for better solutions and therefore, we had established the “IHT School of Hydroponics.” The School offers support through technical information such as growth stages, essential nutrients, economics and budgeting as well as both an interactive Tomato, Coriander, fresh Mint and Lettuce growth model. Distant places and tourist sites like hotels, resorts can grow their fresh food hydroponically instead of importing from far away regions, moreover our faculties have visited loads of hydroponics crop production system, trained from the Netherlands which are involved to design and deliver the courses widely known for its contribution to horticultural sectors in India and abroad.

IHT School of Hydroponics provides capacity building training in various aspects of Horticultural technologies among Hydroponics and various certificate courses with state-of-the-art infrastructure and comprises sophisticated labs, sports facilities, conference rooms, smart classrooms, hostel, and many more. Progressive growers, entrepreneurs, and students interested in agribusiness can enroll themselves for such trainings. We are the only institute in India which provides 1 month residential trainings in Hydroponics where a trainee can get the opportunity to face the real time situations during the growth of a crop provided they can witness the complete life cycle of various leafy crops grown in NFT and DFT systems. Hydroponics is undoubtedly considered as an approach to the future of agriculture.

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Our Approach

School of Hydroponics has the excellent staff, top-notch facilities, and applied learning experiences for you which together provide the skill set that help in securing a better future. Our wish is to provide knowledge, skills, equipment and the live system necessary, to develop the expertise in hydroponics. As one of the fastest-growing sectors, hydroponics is changing the scenario worldwide.
At School of Hydroponics, we provide exceptional learning experience while addressing important topics right in classroom. We give exposure to hydroponic classes in multiple ways- from working of the sustainable system, growing plants, calculating correct nutrients and water levels to using problem-solving skills to help determine what could have gone wrong. We foresee a future in which the demand and supply in this sector would be balanced.

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