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Institute of Horticulture Technology established in 2009, is a comprehensive, multidisciplinary, research-focused and student-centric institute, located at Knowledge Park, Greater Noida in NCR, the institute is widely known for its contribution in customization of modern horticultural technologies in India and abroad. Integration of controlled environment horticulture with open production systems to synergize quality, productivity and food safety of horticultural produce is a unique feature of the Institute, setting it apart from the rest. Today, Institute of Horticulture Technology has excelled in hydroponics in India and turned out to be one of the best-known hydroponic training centres in India. The contents of Hydroponics Courses offered by the institute are based on modern cutting-edge hydroponic farming technology as well as latest researches drawn from hydroponic thesis, research publications and above all from institutes own inhouse research inferences. The Institute has been providing Hydroponic Farming Training to entrepreneurs, farmers, researchers and other stakeholders for the last 7 years. Realizing the importance of Hydroponic and Aeroponics technology in ensuring efficient resource, space and time utilization in times of climate change and need for safe food “School of Hydroponics” has been established by the institute. The School of Hydroponics offers courses on hydroponic farming that covers hydroponic types, setting up of hydroponic system, hydroponic farming supplies, hydroponic transplanting, home hydroponic system, vertical farming hydroponics system, hydroponic commercial farming, industrial hydroponic farming and hydroponic farming business plan. hydroponic training at School of Hydroponics dwells on end to end hands on training on all aspects of hydroponics. Our faculty has vast experience of hydroponics based on the hydroponic trainings received by them in the Netherlands.

School of Hydroponics runs hydroponic farming courses of various durations both on line and offline. Progressive growers, entrepreneurs, students and researchers can enrol themselves for Hydroponic Training in the School of Hydroponics. Ours is the only Hydroponic farming training centre in India which provides 1-month residential trainings in hydroponics where a trainee gets to see complete cycle of hydroponically grown crops.

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Our Approach

If you are looking for hydroponic farming training based on contemporary technologies at the most modern hydroponic system, School of Hydroponics at Institute of Horticulture Technology Greater Noida is the best place in India to learn hydroponic farming. School of Hydroponics has qualified staff having experiences in hydroponic NFT/DFT systems, vertical farming hydroponics system, industrial hydroponic farming and home hydroponic system. We at School of Hydroponics provide to the trainees’ knowledge about hydroponics equipment, hydroponic nutrients, hydroponic growing media as well as monitoring and management of hydroponic system. Our approach is to provide end to end hands on training at the modern hydroponic facilities along with interactive lectures and resource material in the form of hydroponic training PDF, hydroponic presentations and other useful links.

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