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Decisions to be Made While Starting Hydroponics at Home

A beginner generally takes up hydroponics at home mainly for domestic consumption or as a hobbyist, the first and the foremost decision would be to select the right location for setting up the unit before it is purchased, whatever the location i.e. backyard, patio or front corner in home, one must ensure that the place selected has sufficient 8-12 hours of natural sunlight, unless one wants to go for indoor controlled environment system where LED lights are now being used.

A number of hydroponic systems are available in the market and the can be grouped into two categories i.e. recirculating or closed system type and nonrecycled or open system type. Selection of recirculating type has to be a natural choice for homes to avoid flooding inside the house. Further options need to be exercised to pick one of the six systems that is Hydroponic Water Culture, Nutrient Film Technique (NFT), Ebb and Flow, Hydroponic Drip, Hydroponic Wicking and Aeroponics.

School of Hydroponics (SOH) of the Institute of Horticulture technology helps the stakeholders to take informed decisions about the choice of crops vis a vis the hydroponic system to be installed at home as well end to end training on the production technology of vegetables and herbs leading to customization of fastest hydroponic growing method for every given situation.

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