Aeroponic and Aquaponic

Follow Hydroponic Farming in Times of Climate

Change and Supply Chain Disruptions
Climate change and weather-related events has emerged as one of the major risk factors in farming in the recent times. Hydroponic and aeroponic farming carried out indoors with vertical farming techniques has emerged as one of the alternate food production systems to overcome this risk. While the main principle of hydroponics based on feeding essential nutrients to plant roots via nutrient fortified water remains the same, hydroponic Vs aeroponics differ only to the extent that in hydroponics roots touch the nutrient solution whereas in aeroponics plant roots dangle freely and are misted with the nutrient solution. Besides, overcoming risks associated with climate change and food safety, hydroponic in metro cities is being adopted by many retail chains to meet the requirement of vegetables, herbs, fruits and berries to help overcome supply chain disruptions and also in reducing the food miles.

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