Nutrient Solution is at the Core of Hydroponic Technology

How to Become a Skilled Hydroponic Grower?

Benefits of hydroponic farming such as highest water and fertilizer use efficiency, vertical space use efficiency, year round production, pesticides residue and pathogen free safe food, freedom from the risks of climate change as well as fast turn over of produce irrespective of climate, season and geographic region has aroused the interest of many entrepreneurs, corporate houses, farmers, other stake holders and organizations in hydroponic farming. Hydroponic farming due to being knowledge based and having practiced as Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) in small area, hydroponic food growing skills may be acquired over a short time frame provided one opts for a hydroponic training centre of real good standing with modern infrastructure and competent trainers such as the those available at School of Hydroponics Greater Noida. Thus, undergoing an end to end training on state-of-the-art hydroponic plant under the guidance of best national and international hydroponic expert mentors at Institute of Horticulture Technology, School of Hydroponics, Greater Noida would turn a beginner into a skilled hydroponic grower in shortest time. Whatever may be the scale of hydroponic growing one is interested in, starting from roof top hydroponics for domestic use to commercial or industrial hydroponic farming, hydroponic courses at School of Hydroponics of the Institute of Horticulture Technology fit into the requirement of all types of stake holders.

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