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How to Start Hydroponic Gardening as a Beginner

Most beginners venturing into hydroponic production are interested to take up hydroponic farming at home, however, an entrepreneur willing to undertake a start-up may opt for bigger unit. Therefore, all beginners must be clear of the scale the hydroponic system they would require to install. Establishment of a hydroponic garden, that is to say setting up a soilless production system for vegetables and herbs begins with taking a number of decisions such as what plants are to be grown; what type of hydroponic system to be deployed; Whether to buy or build ones own hydroponic system; Whether a pre-mix of the nutrient solution to be used or one would like to install one’s own system for supply of nutrient solution and most importantly the source of light, whether natural of LED. Hydroponic gardening is knowledge based and prior to beginning at any scale one must go for an end to end training programme at a place where hydroponic production facilities based on contemporary technologies are fully operative and one has the possibility of obtaining hands on training. School of Hydroponics of the Institute of Horticulture Technology is one such hydroponic farming centre in India as provides a range of fully operational hydroponic systems from the simplest home model to indoor vertical farming systems for the trainees to operate and learn from under expert guidance. A beginner must understand that Hydroponic farms are profitable only when these are started with complete knowledge and training and an appropriate tie up for marketing of the hydroponic produce is in place. Initial installation cost, energy and fertilizers costs must be accounted while working the profitability of a particular hydroponic farming system. In case one is hobbyist or wants to produce for home consumption, installation of a small system may be advisable.

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