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Hydroponic Commercial Farming

This is the best course available on hydroponics in India to learn all about modern Hydroponic farming technology. The course deals with Hydroponic types, Hydroponic systems, Hydroponic farming supplies and above all the management aspects of hydroponic farming including Hydroponic farming business plan. Hydroponic Farming Training programme of this course also deals with Vertical farming hydroponics system as well as Industrial hydroponic farming. The learner after undergoing the course returns rich with experience, Hydroponic Thesis, Hydroponic Training PDF and detailed presentations of various Hydroponic and Aeroponics systems.

The course is suitable for progressive growers, manufacturers, retailers, suppliers, entrepreneurs and consultants who want to undertake Hydroponic commercial farming or set up home hydroponic system. It’s an inclusive course which provides Interactive lectures and hands-on trainings. Be a hydroponic expert and join the course fast!!

Duration: 2 Weeks

Fee: ₹ 50,000/-

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