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Hydroponic for Entrepreneur

Climate change, burgeoning populations coupled with fast urbanization has put a great challenge on open field food production systems. Hydroponic farming also known as soil less culture has emerged as an alternate food production system that can be carried out in doors in vertically stacked gullies under controlled environments. Thus, entrepreneurs seeking future in hydroponic farming particularly in the urban and peri- urban areas shall be running their farming business in tune with the futuristic requirements of safe food demand and efficient resource utilization. However, entrepreneurs willing to invest in hydroponic farming must be clear that hydroponic farming when taken up on a business scale has to be essentially a controlled environment agriculture (CEA) and that it is knowledge based and involves higher initial costs and higher energy costs for running the vertical hydroponic systems. It shall be advisable for a hydroponic entrepreneur to go in for an end to end training before start up is operationalized. School of Horticulture of the Institute of Horticulture Technology runs special online and offline programmes for Hydroponic entrepreneurs all the year round.

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