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Hydroponic Future Farming

Hydroponic is the new method of farming , nowadays people opt hydroponic to grow their own vegetable at home balcony and in demand in huge number in coming years. It is the future of faming hydroponic grower can take advantage to grow various types of leafy green , microgreen , vegetables etc. it is good source of business . It help to keep our bodies and environment pure without any uses of chemical. The leafy vegetable are a good source of salad. It allow the farmer to produce healthier plants as the plants grown in controlled environment. Leafy green like Lettuce are most profitable crops to grow in hydroponic system . Almost any crop can be grown hydroponically but the most common are leaf, lettuce , tomatoes , cucumber, strawberries and some herbs .The hydroponic vegetables are balanced in fibers. The main advantage of growing hydroponic farming is growing crops all year round and fresh produce. The quality of harvest is excellent. Today new farming are being adopted.

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