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Indoor hydroponic farming

Traditional farming
Hydroponics is possible to offer a sustainable food source for the global population and to adopt the practice as a part-time profession. The results are realized within a shorter time period in hydroponics compared with traditional farming. It is also a dirt-free and mess-free way of growing crops and decreasing the food shortage solution.

The hydroponically grown plants procure a good quantity of nutrients easily. Thus, the plants will grow faster and the nutrients will help its root system to grow tremendously.

School of Hydroponics will Make you Master of Each Component of Hydroponic System Right from the Level of Amateur Hobbyist to Start-up Entrepreneur or Practicing Fruit and Vegetable Grower
Hydroponic Farming Centre of Excellence has been established by School of Hydroponics to provide world class infrastructure for hydroponic training, research and consultancy on hydroponic. Hydroponic Farming Centre of Excellence has the capacity to undertake more than a dozen entrepreneurial candidates in incubation seeking for start-ups based on contemporary hydroponic farming technology. It provides for facilities to learn at all levels right from amateurs to commercial ventures.

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