Commercial hydroponic capsicum

Water & Soil Analysis Lab

Water quality test is very important part of hydroponics. One should understand the nature & amount of ion's present in water. Fertigation reciepe, schedule will depend on the quality of water. The drinkable water often disaproved for use in hydroponics. Entreprenures want to built a farm with both facilities of hydroponics & soil culture can get both the water & soil analysis report.

Starting a commercial hydroponic farm

Plant Biotechnology and Molecular Biology Lab

Researches in Plant Biotechnology and Molecular Biology laboratory are primarily focused on testing and analysis of molecular basis of biological activity of organisms. This aspect of science is related with other areas of biology, chemistry, genetics and biochemistry. Mostly, molecular biology chiefly covers interactions between the various systems of a cell, namely between the different types of DNA, RNA and protein biosynthesis, and how these interactions are regulated.

Basic biotechnology and molecular biology Equipments, analytical balances, micro centrifuges, spectrophotometers, high-speed centrifuges, ultracentrifuge, incubators and shakers, dynamic light scattering (DLS), plant tissue culture room, Growth chamber and safety cabinets are available for the studies carried out in the Plant Biotechnology laboratory. Hi-Tech Research Greenhouse space for research plant grow-out and analysis is also available at our Technology Centre.

Commercial hydroponic broccoli

Greenhouse Tinkering Lab

Greenhouse choice is an utmost neccesary party of commercial hydroponics farm. Greenhouse is installed once hence selection of proper structure, designes, material, etc is required. Not only the appropriate selection but climate control is the main key thing behind successful hydroponics.

Commercial hydroponic mint

Plant protection laboratory

In this laboratory isolation and identification of disease is done under critical supervision. Museum of different pests at different stages of their life is preserved, which helps to understand most virulent stage of a particular pest. Pest management tools for mechanical control are demonstrated here to guide the grower to minimize dependence on chemical pesticides. Isolation, preservation and mass multiplication of bio-control agents are done.

Commercial hydroponic basil

Indoor Hydroponic Laboratory

Hydroponics is the simplest system of growing plants in inert media. It is important to provide growing environment to the plants to ensure the availability of production year through. Indoor hydroponic system allows to organize microclimate and its management easy. A small space of 200 sqft area can accommodate more than 1000 (thousand) plants. This system is very beneficial for leafy salad crops, herbs, strawberries and so on. Manual or fully automated indoor hydroponic systems are available commercially with simple automation. The important requirement for indoor hydroponic system is the supplementary light. Here in IHT, research goes on different light level under different spectrum.

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Micro Irrigation Laboratory

The laboratory is well equipped with various components of micro-irrigation. Different types of emitters, drippers, sprinklers with different specifications kept for demonstration. Fertilizer injectors like fertibridge, dozertron and ventury system with fertilizer tank are been showed in laboratory, where trainees can make fertilizer solutions of various strength and components as per crop requirement.