Most Favoured Vegetables and Herbs for Hydroponic Production

Most Favoured Vegetables and Herbs for Hydroponic Production

One of the major advantages of growing vegetables and herbs hydroponically is that one can get a number of harvests in short successions to meet the daily requirements of fresh vegetables and herbs both for domestic use as well as for sale in the retail stores. Coriander or Cilantro is one of the favourite culinary spice and herb which is an essential recipe of most Indian dishes in the households, hence coriander green leaves are a daily requirement in every Indian household. Fortunately, coriander grows exceptionally well in most of hydroponic systems. Hydroponic coriander has the best flavour and freshness compared to the one grown in soil in the open. Similarly, Hydroponic Microgreens can be raised successively from the seeds of radish, kale, clovers, alfalfa, and other brassicas (mustards) in short span of time in a hydroponic system. Hydroponic Microgreens are cleaner, safer and rich in taste and flavour compared to the soil grown produce. Risk of E. Coli outbreaks as often reported due to infected microgreens can best be addressed by growing microgreens and other vegetables hydroponically without the use of soil. Another vegetable that is most commonly grown in the greenhouses is hydroponic cucumber, which is vine crop and has relatively bigger root system than corianders or microgreens due to its relatively longer growth period. The best thing about greenhouse cucumbers is that these are “all female varieties and parthenocarpic” hence need no pollination thus making it the most suitable vine vegetable to be grown hydroponically indoors.

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