Nutrient Solution is at the Core of Hydroponic Technology

Nutrient Solution is at the Core of Hydroponic Technology

The technology of hydroponics is firmly entrenched in supply of mineral nutrients to the hydroponically growing plants with the use of water laden with nutrients but without the use of soil. In nature plants take Oxygen, Hydrogen, Carbon and Nitrogen from air and water, they depend on soil for the uptake of mineral nutrients, role of soil-based nutrition in hydroponics is completely taken over by the nutrient solution. Therefore, technology of making mineral nutrients available to plants through nutrient solution is at the core of hydroponics. The capacity to create one’s own nutrient solution capable of delivering best hydro nutrients to plants in the desired proportion without clogging the system at right pH and concentration (EC) requires through knowledge, experience and training. School of Horticulture of Institute of Horticulture Technology has special built in modules on “Nutrient Solution” in its hydroponic training programmes. However, to begin a small-scale home-grown hydroponic unit as well as for understanding general hydroponics one may go for pre-mix hydroponic nutrient solution available in two or three parts from the gardening stores.

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