Versatility of Hydroponic Drip Irrigation System

Versatility of Hydroponic Drip Irrigation System

Hydroponic nutrient solution meets both water and nutrient requirements of plants and when this solution is supplied directly to the plant roots through drippers and emitters via pump or gravity the system is referred as hydroponic drip system. The blending of irrigation water with nutrient recipe at the right EC and pH put the hydroponic drip irrigation system to versatile uses both in open and indoor cultivation as also to achieve the best water and nutrient use efficiency. A water pump of the hydroponic drip system helps not only maintain the correct pressure and timing in the emitters but is of crucial use in hydroponic vertical gardening where nutrient solution has to be raised several meters to use the vertical space. Depending upon the hydroponic design the hydroponic drip irrigation system may supply irrigation water fortified with nutrients from the top of the surface of the medium or from below. Institute of Horticulture Technology has developed and customized various types of hydroponic drip systems suitable for Indian conditions at various indoor and open gardening situations in different regions of the country.

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