Hydroponics Crop Production (Weekend Training)

The training is designed to cater to the specific requirements of working professionals who can only attend on weekend days. The three day off-line training programme is meant to provide practical exposure to nitty gritty of Hydroponics Technology.

This off-line training module covers all the basic aspects of choosing a hydroponic technique, seed selection, substrate material, nutrient management, integrated pest management and an outdoor /Indoor structural requirements to enable Soilless farming.

Duration: 3 Days

Fee: ₹ 13,500/-

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Course Content

Topic S. No. Topics to be Covered
01 How to Start Hydroponics

  • What is Hydroponic
  • History of Hydroponics
  • Hydroponic Vs Soil
  • Advantages of Hydroponic
  • What can be grown in Hydroponics
  • Different Hydroponic Systems
  • Supplies & Tools required in Hydroponic growing
  • Hydroponic Greenhouse Technology - Structures and Climate Control Managment
03 Growing Media and Nursey Management

  • Growing media
  • Channel width and length
  • Types of media
  • Vermiculite, sand, perlite, expanded plastics, expanded clay
  • Nursery raising as per targeted production
  • Transplanting into a hydroponic system
04 Hydroponic Plant Nutrient Solutions

  • Common Nutrient Ranges in Hydroponic Nutrient Solutions
  • The role of pH in plant growth
  • The role of EC in Plant Growth
  • Temperature
  • Water Quality
  • Light
05 Hydroponic Growing Technology (NFT/DFT)

  • Elements of Hydroponic Systems
  • NFT/DFT Systems
  • Water Delivery System
  • Cooling, Heating and Aeration
  • Fertilizer Delivery System
  • Nutrients Management NFT/DFT
06 Hydroponic Vegetable Production- Lettuce and Minor Herbs
07 Production of safe food with IPM in Hydroponics

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