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Hydroponic Farming Training

Being a commercial Hydroponic farming model, a lot of prospective entrepreneurs have joined the green revolution in assistance with engineers & professionals from various fields like engineers, IT, aeronautics, and commerce. Most beginners and hobbyists use this farming technique to grow fruits, vegetables and herbs for themselves in a controlled environment on their rooftop or ground.

In the times of climate change, post pandemic period and ongoing war in Europe, global food security has emerged as the major challenge, it is time India strengthen its alternate food production systems like Hydroponics, which is self-reliant, resource use efficient and capable of yielding more food per unit space and per unit time besides being safe and of high quality. Though full of benefits and highly productive hydroponic farming is technology driven. Hence Hydroponic training is the first step whether one wants to take to Hydroponic for self, Hydroponic commercial farming or Hydroponic farming at home. School of Hydroponics of the Institute of Horticulture Technology is one of the best Hydroponic training centre in India offering a variety of Hydroponic Training courses, starting from Hydroponic training online to Hydroponic commercial training at its world class Hydroponic system at Greater Noida.

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