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Industrial Hydroponic Farming Leads to Transformation of Urban Horticulture (UF)

There are a number of systems and models available for growing plants without soil. Whether using inert neutral substrates or growing plants just in nutrient solution alone, hydroponics is the basis of all these soilless plant growing systems. No matter what hydroponic system one opts for, nutrient solution remains the soul and integral part of all hydroponic systems. Role of hydroponics coupled with the use of sensors, LED lights and vertical farming has led to transformation of Urban Horticulture in the recent times. The Vertical Farming Hydroponics when practiced under controlled environment on a large scale for a specified product like vegetables or herbs is generally referred to as Industrial Hydroponic Farming. Vertical Farming Hydroponic Systems operating for the production of a specific horticultural produce under controlled environment are now generally referred to as plant factories. School of Hydroponics of Institute of Horticulture Technology has different models of hydroponics farming systems starting from the simplest home scale models to fully automated plant factory designed for mass scale production of leafy vegetables. This unique combination of state-of-the-art infrastructure and more than thirteen years of experience in hydroponics sets us apart from others when it comes to capacity building or entrepreneur development in hydroponics farming in India.

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