Versatility of Hydroponic Drip Irrigation System

Learning and Adoption of Hydroponic Technology

Hydroponic- the technology of growing plants without soil on water fortified with plant nutrients is precise and knowledge based compared to traditional growing of plants in soil that is influenced by different situations, climate, seasons, soil conditions and various stresses. Heightened interest in hydroponic technology in the recent times especially with regard to food production stems from need for most efficient use of water and other crop production resources, meeting the challenges posed by climate change, population increase and rapid urbanization as well as demand for food safety and security and last but not the least need for better risk assurance against biotic and abiotic stresses. Hydroponic technology for growing fresh fruits, vegetables, herbs, medicinal and ornamental plants as well as for indoor and outdoor gardening may be learnt and adopted by any person irrespective of one’s professional or academic background. Therefore, keeping in view increasing demand for learning hydroponics by a cross section of youth, entrepreneurs and hobbyists, Institute of Horticulture Technology’s School of Hydroponics has started “Introductory Programme on Hydroponic” and “Online Training and Workshop for Beginners” so as to cater to the interest of both full time and part time participants. These hydroponic learning programmes acquaint the participants with amazing world of hydroponic technology and make them capable of growing plants of their choice hydroponically without soil at their home as well as make their own decisions for a hydroponic set up they would prefer to install. School of Hydroponics also acts as “Hydroponic Service Provider” for assisting in establishment and operationalization of hydroponic set up of the scale opted by the entrepreneurs, farmers or home gardener, besides troubleshooting any problem that might arise in already established hydroponic systems.

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