Exploratory Course on Hydroponics

Exploratory course helps you to understand the advantages, importance and various opportunities in hydroponics. Hydroponic Classes are for beginners to get an overview of different Hydroponic systems, growing media, tools of hydroponics, production of different crops and analyze the prospective for their career in this field. Join us, and be a part of this wonderful world of Hydroponics!!

Fee: ₹ 30,000/-

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  • Hydroponic systems
  • Global industry
  • Comparison to growing in soil
  • Advantages and limitations of hydroponics
  • Resources and contacts
  • Drip system recovery & non recovery
  • N.F.T. (nutrient film technique) system
  • Ebb & flow system – (flood and drain)
  • Aeroponic system
  • Deep water culture system
  • Vertical hydroponic system
  • Elements of Hydroponic Systems
  • Nutrient Film Technique (NFT)
  • Nutrient Film Technique (NFT) – Water Delivery System
  • Cooling, Heating and Aeration
  • Screen or Disk Filters
  • Nutrient Film Technique (NFT) – Fertilizer Delivery System
  • Nutrient Film Technique - Media Options

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